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“Alice Watts Album ‘Your World’ is truly scrumptious!”

Lynn Parsons, Radio 2 & Magic Radio

“Ooohh wee, what a beauty! Imagine Amy McDonald, but 100 times more sweeter. One of the best new tracks (Do Not Awaken) I’ve had the pleasure of hearing on UBR…” 

Polly James, Absolute Radio

"There is certainly a tinge of blue (Note) to the 2nd album of Alice Watts 'Blue Gold'. Opening track 'Salty Seas' is a sultry slice of acid jazz that could stand, head held high, on a playlist featuring Incognito or Brand New Heavies. On other tracks the influences stray into other genres without ever losing a toehold in the worlds of jazz and soul. The result is a type of mellow pop that wouldn't be out of place on a Julia fordham or Norah Jones record. Watts' voice is perfect for the music she creates. There is a soulful richness to her voice, which is blended with an almost folky delicacy.

Trevor Raggatt, R2 Magasine

“Alice has a voice that stands out in a crowd. I was blown away and had to listen back after the show to make sure it had sounded as good on the airwaves as it had in the studio." 

John Govier, BBC Radio Devon

“What really makes Watts stand out is her voice, simple yet outstanding at the same time. A beautiful debut.*****”

Stephanie Stevens-Wade, Music-News

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